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Fine Motor Skills

Occupational therapists are trained to assist people in performing functional tasks that normally occupy their lives.  The "occupation" of a child is to develop the skills necessary to become functional, and independent adults. 
These skills include:

1.  Regulation of arousal level in order to participate in everyday activities.
2.  Refinement of sensory discrimination and processing.
3.  Continual refinement and development of gross and fine motor skills.
4.  Development of communication skills.
5.  Appropriate social interactions.
6.  Language and cognitive skills.
7.  Age appropriate self care skills.
8.  Self concept.

The expectations for the level of development of any of these skills will vary depending on the child's age.   It is critical to remember that all of these skills are developing  simultaneously.  Impairment of one area, is likely to delay development in other areas. Play is the media most often used in the Occupational Therapist's treatment of children.  It is highly motivating and a natural media used by all children.   Education and involvement of the family is usually a primary consideration, and may be critical to success.  

Diagnosis may include, but not limited to:


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